Silviu Toderaș

IaaS/PaaS Cloud Engineer | ALEF

A Senior System Engineer with a focus on Microsoft cloud technologies, covering Pre-Sales, implementation/migration, and Post-Sales activities from a technical perspective. Silviu spent half of his career within Microsoft, where he worked for 8 years, covering both on-premises (Microsoft Office / Microsoft SharePoint) and cloud technologies (Azure and Office 365). He is a Microsoft certified trainer and cloud engineer, always exploring new opportunities to solve real problems, using cloud technologies.


12:15 - 12:45

Azure-based disaster recovery and data protection: One replicated bit at a time

Historically speaking, disaster recovery solutions are known for being either time hogs, or expensive, or both. On top of that, new types of threats emerged in sabotaging the business continuity, so the old instruments of satisfying the RPO and RTO are no longer fully relevant. Hence, we need to bring a bigger hammer. A global one. Let’s explore various mechanisms for achieving true disaster preparedness and leverage the economies at scale to do that in the most economical way possible.

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Avaelgo Cloud Conference 2019 co-organizer

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