Valentin Ghiță

Senior System Engineer | ALEF

Valentin Ghiță is a Senior System Engineer with a focus on Microsoft cloud technologies, covering Pre-Sales, implementation/migration, and Post-Sales activities from a technical point of view.

He started his career within Microsoft, where he worked for 7 years, covering both on-premises (Windows Server / Exchange Server) and cloud technologies (migrations to Azure and Office 365). He is a Microsoft certified trainer, Cloud, and Office 365 MCSE and speaker at technology conferences.


14:15 - 15:15

Cybersecurity – Am I at risk?

Did you ever ask yourself, after reading or hearing about a cybersecurity event, if that could ever affect you? If you thought to yourself “Naahhh, this won’t happen to me”, then I would like to prove you wrong, during this session. We will cover the most common cybersecurity threats and see how Microsoft 365 can help you prevent them.

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