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Zlata Rogich

Sr. Account Manager EMEA | BITTITAN

As a Senior Account Manager at BitTitan Zlata is responsible for empowering customers to manage and deploy cloud technologies through the automation of MigrationWiz. After 5+ years of experience, Zlata has experience working with hundreds of customers across the globe, from both the SMB and enterprise markets, to help deliver successful cloud migration projects as a part of digital transformation. Zlata’s extensive knowledge of the Microsoft ecosystem, and her real-world experience, make her a strategic and valuable partner to end-user IT teams, global systems integrators, managed service providers, and cloud solution specialists looking for an industry-leading migration solution. Working across several verticals like healthcare, education, corporate and commercial business, public sector and more Zlata helps partners and end-users to understand how MigrationWiz can help to support their individual data migration requirements.


14:00- 14:45

How to deliver fast, secure, and scalable migrations to Microsoft 365 with MigrationWiz

The need to perform a migration to Microsoft 365 is a very common requirement in today’s marketplace. Improving workforce collaboration and business productivity has become an integral part of the digital transformation process, as a result, organizations have recognized the need to consolidate their businesses under one Microsoft 365 tenant. With this and security top of mind, choosing a reliable and robust migration tool has become a critical part of the process.

In this session, you’ll learn how to perform multi-workload migrations with MigrationWiz. MigrationWiz is an automated, 100% SaaS solution for mailbox, documents, personal archive migrations, and more. It’s fast, secure, and scalable meaning it can help meet the demands of organizations of all sizes. We’ll take a deep dive into real-life migration scenarios with Avaelgo in the financial space to migrate a customer from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 to discuss how MigrationWiz can help address some of the technical nuances encountered when performing a migration to Microsoft 365.

Find out how MigrationWiz can help meet the demands of your organization, no matter the size or complexity of the project.

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