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Top 5 reasons to attend the Cloud Conference

1. Free access to Microsoft Azure and IT experts

The Cloud Conference speakers represent the top reason to participate. Each year we bring you the best speakers – cloud experts with extensive real-life experience in complex and various cloud projects.

2. Companies share their success stories

We have devoted a substantial part of the agenda to showcase the challenges other companies faced and how they managed to overcome them. You will hear about how the Cloud helped their business to leap to the next level, or how they maximized their return on investment.

3. Breakout sessions and post-conference workshops

Conference breakout sessions offer the opportunity to explore new ideas, ask questions and share best practice. Attend sessions that help you prioritize and explore the trends and strategies that support your digital transformation goals.

The conference will answer the questions “Why cloud?”, “How can it help me?”, “What are the most important things to keep in mind when starting to develop a cloud app?” It will also explain how to implement a migration plan from scratch, aiming at consolidating identities, migrating workflows and cloud applications, building a business continuity process and recovering data in case of disaster, and finally, compliance with GDPR.

We built the agenda to be specific, collaborative and, most importantly, effective and useful.

4. Learning opportunities

If you are a curious mind, you certainly enjoy when someone challenges you to think, to see solutions. Attending the Cloud Conference will bring you together with people from different backgrounds and business contexts, the ideal setting for learning, innovation, transformation or simply for an interesting discussion is set. Whether your tech skills are your focus, or as an IT decision maker want to expand your expertise that aligns with your priorities, you’ll find lots of new ways to improve them—or to pick up a few new ones.

5. Define the migration strategy of your company to the cloud

The Cloud Conference will help you think and plan ahead. Discover how your company can use the cloud and find out how you can intelligently plan the next cloud steps to get the maximum benefits it provides.

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